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Surprising Things You Should Know About Seal Coating

If you are looking to give your driveway a new look, then seal coating is the best option. It is an inexpensive way of protecting these driveways against adverse conditions. Seal coating is a process that involves the application of protective material on top of asphalt; asphalt is a mixture of aggregates, bitumen and stones. Asphalt is applied in the form of emulsions. The aggregates, stones, and bituminous are treated with an emulsifying agent to form tiny droplets that do not coalesce. An expert then applies the emulsion to the driveway. Seal coating follows after the installation of the asphalt.

Seal coating is a vital process because of the many benefits associated with it. Immediately after the installation of asphalt, the surface will look very flexible. After some time, the asphalt loses flexibility and becomes brittle. The pavement will commence to flake. However, with the seal coating, the freshness and pliability of the surface will be restored. All the exposed areas of the pavement will be covered during the seal coating.

Most people are not sure how often the seal coating should be applied. It is first worked on when the pavement is new. The next seal coating should be after every three years. The time may be less or more depending on the extent of the tear and wear. Pavements exposed to things such as moisture, chemicals, and UV light are likely to degrade fast. If you do not seal the coat, the cracks will continue to become big, which is dangerous.

It is paramount to note that seal coating is not meant to stop future repairs. The main goal of the process is to protect the surface of the asphalt. This means that the seal coat is a protective layer and therefore does not enhance the structural strength in the pavement. Consequently, you cannot use the seal coat in the place of the patching or repair materials.

If you need to protect your asphalt, you can find various seal coats in the market. Their main ingredient is usually petroleum products. With multiple options, you should consult an expert on the best one for you. A professional will first analyze your driveway habit. For instance, if you store equipment on the pavement, the best seal coat to choose is the one made of tar.

Seal coating is one of the most cost-effective ways of improving the driveway. However, the cost will depend on various factors. The primary determinate of the money you will spend is the floor area of the driveway you want to seal coat. The condition of the asphalt is another factor. The cost will be more when the asphalt is very weak. There are some types of seal coats materials that will cost you more than others.

Seal coating is a process that requires expertise. Even with the correct tools and equipment, you may not do a clean job. It may look simple, but it is way more complicated than painting a concrete wall. Seal coating first needs to be done in the right weather. The surface needs to be prepared by cleaning. The pavement will need to be tapped off. Finally, the coating needs to be evenly applied. Click on this page if you are looking for the best Sealcoating professionals in New Jersey.

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