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How You Can Make Use of Google Optimize as an A/B Test or a Social Proof Tool

It will be much simpler for you to have a good experience with all your customers as well as have an easy time attending to them using that website once you decide to do proper Google optimization, this applies to areas like web development as well as marketing. You can be sure that your clients will not be disappointed once you have ensured that you are making use of this Google optimize. You will not have to pay before you can use the Google optimize, this is a great advantage on your side, it is also not so hard to use the Google optimize.?

Get the Google analytics account before you even think of using this Google optimize. The one thing that you have to do here is to make sure that you have used the same account like that used in the management of your Google analytics account. In case you are into the Google optimize to A/B test, or if you intend to use this as social proof, it will be best that you be very systematic and follow the right procedures. As you go through this article you will understand better as all these procedures that you have to stick to are well highlighted.

The creation of the landing page is the best place to begin your A/B test. You will have to ensure that you only have one variant since this is the easiest method to A/B test a widget.

The selection of the optimization experience will have to be completed. Unless you are a beginner, this selection will go through automatically, otherwise you will be forced to click on the buttons provided. Remember to give a name that optimizes experience that you will select.

Include a testing variant comes third as you progress to A/B test your widget. Since the duplicate pages will need to be tested against the original ones, ensure to add the URLs accurately.

Linking Google analytics with optimizing follows but in this case the accounts have to correspond with each other. You will realize that installation of the Google tag manager is very useful through your widget or page A/B test.

Before you complete the process, you will find it necessary to declare an objective. This part is more similar to that of including the Google analytics hence be sure to find the button in similar pages. Scheduling of the A/B test comes last as you will have to decide when it starts and as well the end date.

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